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Daycares & Schools

High frequence places need regular cleaning maintainance

In daycares or schools, usually many children and adults are going in and out. Crown Maids has experience with cleaning those premises.

Each daycare or school has its own cleaning plan for regular cleaning and special tasks like carpet, windows or deep cleans which are done during the year.

Let us establish your personal cleaning plan and keep your working place clean.

Crown Maids - Daycare Cleaning
Crown Maids - School Cleaning

Service Key Features

Regular Daycare & School Cleaning
We offer regular daycare & school cleaning services on a daily/ weekly or biweekly basis, no administration work for you. All insurances, social payments and benefits are included.

What do we clean?
The tasks are split in different groups, regular/ special and occassional tasks. Based on the personal visit, we will create a cleaning plan for one whole year t make sure nothing has been left out.

What is the next step?
Cleaning a daycare or a school with high productivity will need a personal visit first, in this meeting we will note your exact needs and will give you our opinion about a professional cleaning set up.

Request a Call Back

    Get all information personally from a supervisor in your area, it is free and it will only take about 30 minutes of your time.